Get to know your Barking Mat

Each Barking Mat has the same function panel at the end of the mat, below the logo. 

Download the Barking Mat app from the App Store

Coming soon to Android!

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Create a new account

Click “Add One Now” button and follow the Pairing Mode instructions that follow

1. Turn on the Barking Mat

2. Use a paperclip, or other small object, to press and hold the WiFi pairing button

(Only functions on the WiFi mat)

3. The device is ready to pair when the light is flashing blue and red


Once the light is flashing blue and green, click “Continue” on your phone.

Select a WiFi network to connect to.

Name your Barking Mat

This is mostly helpful if you have two Barking Mats. You’ll want to know which mat your dog is waiting at. 

All finished!

You are now set to receive notifications for each time your dog needs to go outside.