Technology meets practicality

Designed with pet owners in mind

Designed by a long time pet owner, The Barking Mat simplifies the training process of letting your pet out to “go”.  So often, young pets tend not to notify their owners when they need to let be out, and end up sitting next to the door, silent, until they have an accident.

The Barking Mat helps the pet with their cue.  The simple touch of a paw on the attractive mat lets out an audible cue, either a dog bark sound or a chime, adjustable by you.

Thin and Beautiful

The Barking Mat is designed to blend into any decor.  Even better, the device is durable, yet thin enough to easily slide under most doors when they open.

About Us

Lulu our red toy poodle was our inspiration for the Barking Mat. She often would sit by the door quietly waiting to be let out until she eventually would have an accident on the floor. We tried many of the other training tools available on the market, with no success. It makes our lives so much easier because now we always know when Lulu is at the door waiting to be let out and there are no more preventable accidents to clean up.